What We Do and How To Enroll


     Llumena Milenii -- School For The Gifted is free to everyone, and always will be. We want people to learn Spirituality that is open and transparent, how to do good works, and live by a code that fits their life and how to be a good Witch and Person for them. 
     This is not an institution that teaches illusion or stage magic, you will not learn how to perform on a Vegas stage here.  
     We teach Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism. We teach not only belief systems, but we teach the craft that goes along with the belief systems. 
A Belief is how you ethically practice your craft, it's your higher power, and what you hold dear, and it gives you your guidelines in which to live your life. You practice is the magick in which that illuminates your wisdom and the knowledge through practice and application. 
      There are many ways to practice and many different belief systems. If you are here to learn card tricks, or how to saw someone in half, this is not the place for you. If you are here to learn how to Heal someone, how to use herbs, and how to manifest your will, you are in the right place, and let's see what we can do for you. 
      We do teach levitation, meditation, shapeshifting, mediumship, trancework, past life regression, and astral travel. These are considered advanced magicks, and you will not be able to get into these courses without first going through the basics. 
      Llumena Milenii is built on a go at your own pace system, you can get a year and a day done in a month if you really wanted to, or you can do it in a year and a day. 

     Please, sign up through the Login link at the top right corner of the page. At the bottom of the login box, you will see "Create New Account" button. Please create an account for the school through here.
     You will receive your account verification email. When you first login, please change your password, DO NOT FORGET to complete your profile, First name, Surname, Email address, City/town, to receive your Identity Badge. Then, proceed to your "Dashboard," where you will find your first course already enrolled.
     If you are not automatically enrolled in your first course after a few minutes. Go to "Site Home" then scroll down the page to the list of Course Categories. 
     Click on the "Navigating The Process" category. and Enroll yourself in the first course "Touring The School." You cannot move through the school until you have completed all the courses in Navigating The Process, which then you will be assigned the Neophyte Badge. 
     The Neophyte Badge opens up the rest of the courses at the school to you. 

Head Master Jean Clark,

     You can either use your Spiritual Witch name or your Real Name here at this school. You will be offered a course later on teaching about Witch Names and their meanings. If you choose another name later, we can change that for you in the school system.

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